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No preference - Coursework Example

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The constitution has been changing since time immemorial. The main reason for the changing constitution is the requirement to implement new ideas generated by the technology (Stone & Marshal, 2015). The advances in…
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No preference
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of the of the of the The Constitution Question1 Technology has caused greater changes to the U.s constitution. The constitution has been changing since time immemorial. The main reason for the changing constitution is the requirement to implement new ideas generated by the technology (Stone & Marshal, 2015). The advances in technology have also helped in understanding the complex terms found in the constitution. More so, technological development has simplified transmission of information.
Citizens can access the constitution online. It has also allowed people to contribute their views online. Therefore, the amendment of a new constitution puts all citizens in mind. However, the level of technology has led to interpretation of the constitution into simple terms changing the original meaning. The development of the translational corporation for the last decades indicates how the power has shifted away from sovereignty in nations that have embraced technology. The mass media has caused a lot of influence on democracy. Some magazines and television stations criticize the behaviors of political leaders. Gone are the days when the reporters could not talk about political leaders without facing punishment.
The advancement in technology will continue influencing the constitution. In future, rules of voting will change. Citizens may never vote through the ballot box. Elections will take place through the internet and voters will cast their votes online. All citizens will have a freedom of posting their criticism about some behaviors in the internet.
Question 2
A constitution plays a leading role in every country. However, rules and regulation differs in each country. It is very difficult for an individual to rule out that which is a majoritys agreement. Therefore, being a citizen in a particular country one has to adhere to the rules and regulations governing that country (Stone & Marshal, 2015)
Different country support death penalty for murderers while others support life imprisonment. However, criminal regulations depend on the constitution of the state. Much as death penalty may seem unfair to the offender, it is advantageous as it helps curb murder crimes.
Works cited
Stone Geoffrey & Marshal Williams. The Framers’ Constitution (2015). A democracy journal of ideas vol.21 (30) pp.21 Read More
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No Preference Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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