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These three arms work together in order to serve the American people. However, each arm of government enjoys its independence, which frees it from interference, especially in its decisions and actions from the other arms of government. As…
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Principles of the Constitution
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Principles of the Constitution Principles of the Constitution Self-Government A political system in which citizens of a country rule themselves and control their own affairs
2. Separation of Powers
The independence in powers and operations of the three arms of government, executive, legislature and the judiciary
3.Checks and Balances
Controlling the powers of the various arms of government in order to prevent one form usurping power and protect the minority
Checks and balances in the federal government
The federal government has three arms. These three arms work together in order to serve the American people. However, each arm of government enjoys its independence, which frees it from interference, especially in its decisions and actions from the other arms of government. As such, the system of checks and balances as set by the constitution bars each of the arms of government from usurping all the powers and overruling the duties and decisions taken by the other arms of government, such as the executive becoming dictatorial (Amar, 2012).
The Three Branches of the Federal Government
The three branches of the federal government are the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The executive is the presidency and the ministers in office. The legislature is the senators and congressional representatives of the house. The judiciary interprets the constitution and operates the judiciary system. These three arms of government interact closely in order to serve the American citizens. The executive comes up with policies, which it sends to the legislature for approval and the judiciary determines the constitutionalism of approved laws and policies or statutes (Cuninghame, 1811).
Effectiveness of the Process of Government
The three arms of government operate in a constructive manner to promote the will of the people by passing policies and statutes that consider the welfare of the electorate. As such, the representatives of the people pay more concern about serving the people’s agenda rather than fulfilling their personal interests. The electorate plays an important role in the attitudes and actions of the elected officials as they judge the official on their performance and delivery on their promises, failure to which they vote him or her out of office.
Amar, A. (2012). Americas Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By. Boston: Basic Books.
Cuninghame, W. (1811). Principles of the Constitution of Governments. New York: J. Ridgway. Read More
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Principles of the Constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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