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Profiling - Research Paper Example

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There are theoretical and practical issues concerning profiling that have been poorly understood, due to induction that involves statistical reasoning, in a situation where an offender is assessed based on difference or similarity with past offenders. Profiling involves a depth…
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Extract of sample "Profiling"

Research Paper Profiling There are theoretical and practical issues concerning profiling that have been poorly understood, dueto induction that involves statistical reasoning, in a situation where an offender is assessed based on difference or similarity with past offenders. Profiling involves a depth analysis of current case through reasoning that seeks to determine the accuracy of evidence collected, and a conclusion is made based on the evidence. Nevertheless, the issue concerning proofing has been met with controversial topic involving a variation of the subject views made by different experts. In this case, these experts are expected to undertaking their profiling in a way that do not violate people’s privacy or have an aspect of discrimination. In fact, these practices are applied professionally in order to help people as tools for security, through they are based on historical grounds and statistics.
Profiling is perceived to have an aspect of discrimination, thus developing controversy around the issue, whereby people think that it should not be undertaken based on gender, race, color and people’s appearances. Therefore, there is nothing right with condemning due to the actions done by other people in the past, who they share similar patterns. This has resulted to case such as people being stopped in the airport for investigation since they share similarities with people who did wrong in the past. On the other hand, the subjects of the profiling should be treated with respect through the provision of an explanation for the profiling, and unless they have done nothing wrong, they are expected to have nothing to hide.
A psychological profile can be created through an investigation in the absence of physical evidence or description of eyewitness to supplement with a description. Therefore, the experts apply their knowledge and the things they know about unknown suspect concerning his actions and try to generate information. For instance, in a case involving serial murderer killing female employees in a certain company, the experts may presume that murder is a male former employee or a client.
Other issue that has brought controversy relates to racial profiling, which is a practice that has involved a significant risk to the basic principles of the constitution. Racial profiling is perceived to be targeting people of certain skin color through investigations, thus alienating communities and preventing them from participating in policing efforts. This has also caused the law enforcement to lose credibility and trust in the society, since they seem to be failing in their duties that involve promoting fairness and justice in the community. Therefore, racial profiling has resulted to people of a certain background to live in fear due to the system established by the law enforcement, which seems to be casting a certain community being suspects.
In conclusion, the paper has explored my opinion regarding to issues related to profiling through a discussion of controversy involved. Some of the issues identified involve expert’s judgment on a certain person for sharing similar physical attributes. The other issue relates to the racial profiling that has been perceived as discrimination against certain races and people with a particular skin color. In my opinion, profiling is has an aspect of discrimination, since people are judged due to their appearances instead of the content of their characters.
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