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Contemporary offender profiling - Literature review Example

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This means the information concerning any crime scene and offence develops an investigation through compilation of a psychosomatic representation of the…
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Contemporary offender profiling
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Download file to see previous pages Like the multidimensional scaling and other IP profiling techniques, the A: C equation is a useful means of examining arson, rape, burglary, and terrorism criminality. The use of A: C equations, thus offers a technique that put into consideration differentiation and consistency of offenders since no two offenders have the same characteristics (Canter & Youngs, 2009). Though some human attributes that can be inferred including gender, age, or history of employment, no two offenders exhibit identical characteristics. Efforts to identify criminals involve using different forms of criminal profiling divided into Typologically-oriented techniques, and geographically-oriented techniques (Young, 2006, p. 10).
The approach adopted by investigative psychology’ A: C equations operate under the principle stating that crime commission is associated with qualities that form the routine of the offender’s behaviour (Salfati & Taylor, 2006). Criminal behaviour is thus consistent; mannerisms present during criminal activity are also obvious in attendance throughout non-criminal activities. Actions caused by offenders’ consistent behaviour are dependent on the inner narratives of the individuals and their mental maps that guided the perception of external circumstances. Such inner narratives cause the offender to remain within specified boundaries self-imposed constraints that can be geographic such as geographic profile, or psychological such as controlling order and process. Blending both psychology and geography results in a novel offender profile. Some techniques like multidimensional scaling technique in profiling relies on plotting points in two or one dimension to display the organization of a given set of data (Goodwill, Stephens, & Oziel, 2013, p. 71). This is possible since MDS enables identification/analysis of persons who develop an idiographic routine that at is inconsistent with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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