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The leaders saw that it was important to have a fundamental law in the American land. This was the basis for the creation of American constitution. The…
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Creating the Constitution
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Download file to see previous pages The bill of rights is a vital constituent of American law and the government. It symbolizes culture and freedom of the United States of America (Beeman,23). The first three articles of the constitution are important in the land. They outline the three branches of the government, and states a set of regulations and rules these branches must follow. This ensures smooth running of the federal government.
The American constitution was refined from the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. It was initially ratified by the nine states only. The final draft was then penned by Jacob Shallus. The penned draft is found and displayed in the Records of Administration and National Archives of Washington, D.C. Creation of American constitution was a long process. It was difficult to persuade the 13 states of America to ratify the constitution. The draft was based on the separation of powers, federalism and provision of checks and balances (Riemer, 55). The details of blue print of the new government under the new constitution and which bound all the American states were:
The article I of the constitution provided for the functions and separation of the congressional powers. The legislation created here is bicameral. It also outlined the qualification for one to hold an office. It also set methods of selection both the senators and the representatives. It also stated powers such as declaring wars and regulating interstate commerce.
Article II provided the power to the president of United States to execute laws. The article II also limited the president’s term to four years a maximum of two terms in office. It stated the mechanisms of removing the president from the office. The constitution also set the modest powers of the president. The powers include negotiator of foreign treaties, ambassadors’ appointment, judges and other high rank officers. The most important power vested on him is the power of being the commander-in chief of the armed forces. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Creating the Constitution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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