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Confederation and Constitution in the USA - Essay Example

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The paper “Confederation and Constitution in the USA” seeks to evaluate the Articles of Confederation ratified in 1781. It served as the country’s first constitution stemmed. The articles created a congress that would serve as the final resort on appeal of disputes…
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Confederation and Constitution in the USA
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"Confederation and Constitution in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages Among the strengths of the articles was its ability to quell the fear of a strong central government. As he British left the United States, most Americans feared that the creation of a large nation would simply replace the outgoing King George III with yet another heartless tyrant. As such, Americans wanted a ways of insuring themselves from such occurrences. The articles therefore created a weak conference while safeguarding the sovereignty and independence of the states. This way, the states would protect themselves from any dictatorial politicians who would lead the country. The constitution later created a powerful congress and eliminated the sovereignty and independence of the states. While such a move enhanced the rapid development of the country throughout the years, the articles of confederation served a vital role of reassuring Americans of their freedoms until they understood the importance of a united country with a powerful congress.
Another equally significant strength of the articles was the fact that they strived to enhance corporation among the states. The articles of confederation called for the creation of “a firm league of friendship” of the states. Such was integral in their common defense, their mutual and general welfare and the security of their freedoms. The articles demanded that states permit free movements of people and goods throughout the states. Additionally, the articles encouraged the states to trust the judicial system of the states a feature that enhanced the creation of a uniform judicial system in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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