The Twenty Seven Amendments to the Constitution of America - Assignment Example

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Amendment 1
The amendment bars the congress from instituting any policies which directly affects the freedom of people to religion, barring the liberty of the press, challenging the already existing rules of a public member petitioning the government for a redress of grievances, and limiting a person’s freedom of speech…
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The Twenty Seven Amendments to the Constitution of America
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This amendment grants the public permission to keep or bear arms with the permission of the relevant authorities concerned. This means that individuals are permitted to carry or bear weapons in cases of self defense. An example is that a civilian may be allowed to bear or use arms in cases of robberies to defend a person’s life or assets (Chalmers, 26).
Amendment 3
The constitution states that soldiers should be privately contained to thwart them from being a peril to the public. This connotes that under no circumstance should civilians share the same residence or cohabit with soldiers as the impacts would be deadlier.
Amendment 4
This amendment bars the government from carrying out searches and apprehensions of the public. It gives the public the right to ask for an arrest or investigative warrant from bureaucrats before consenting to arrest or searches. A breach of the amendment gives the public the right to sue the government or the officials who did the arrests or the search (Chalmers, 26).
Amendment 5
This amendment states that the country’s citizen facing trials in a state institution should be given a criminal proceeding before a verdict is made on his plight. The constitution should treat such a person as suspect and should be protected from personal incriminating substantiations. This amendment implies that individuals are entitled to a right of audition in legal procedure to determine the contribution to the committed crime. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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