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How did the framers of the Constitution balance the competing claims of local self-government, sectional interests, and national authority - Essay Example

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As seen in the work of Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund (2011) the makers of the constitution believed that the powers of the federal government need to be limited. This meant that the state and the local governments needed to be given the mandate to pass a great percentage of…
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How did the framers of the Constitution balance the competing claims of local self-government, sectional interests, and national authority
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"How did the framers of the Constitution balance the competing claims of local self-government, sectional interests, and national authority"

Download file to see previous pages From the work, it is evident that in the previous times, states had more autonomy (Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund, 2011). In the latter years, the states came together to revise a few of the confederation articles, there was need for the states to create a new form of ruling as prescribed in the constitution. According to Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund (2011), this conference led to an agreement on how power would be separated between the existing state organs. The constitution architects came to an agreement that all states would respect the constitution- that contracted freedom to all citizens. This is an elucidation of the fact that no local or state governments were given the consent to create any laws. The constitution is, nonetheless, believed to be at center stage in ascribing freedoms to all citizens. Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund (2011) insist that the constitution not only protects the freedoms and rights of individuals, but also restricts chances that these rights will be violated.
The national authority can be equated to the federal government that contains the executive arm that defends and supports the law of the land. Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund (2011) say that the makers of the constitution came up with national authority to govern people and obtain power from them. Through division of powers in the federal government, the state organs are able to address the local issues in a state. Matters touching on the state are also weighed by the federal government, as well as coming up with solutions to the problems.
The sectional interests, on the other hand, include a national group of persons that was given the mandate to advocate for ideas in the country, and champion for the implementation of the same ideas (Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund, 2011). The constitution framers as seen in the argument of Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky & Soderlund (2011) aimed at serving the interests of various sections of the community that an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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