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Sexual Violence in Government and Politics - Essay Example

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This essay talks about sexual violence is a menace haunting the world today. Averagely, seven hundred cases of sexual abuses get reported in the United States of America each day. Sexual violence was inclined to the female gender being the major victims but due to changes in societal structures…
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Sexual Violence in Government and Politics
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Extract of sample "Sexual Violence in Government and Politics"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that politics governs the world since most of the policies used to implement the law and order are as a result of political ramifications. However, politics goes beyond the formulation of rules and laws that are used as a benchmark to govern societies. State have their foreign policies that regulate the extent to which they engage with other global allies. In the twenty-first century, sexual violence has become a tool for creating a compromise between opposing groups in the case of political conflicts. For instance, if a conflict ensues between two opposing sides of the government one may kidnap some members of the community’s particularly women and girls to exploit them sexually as an act of provocation to compromise the other group to come to consensus.
This essay highlights that sexual violence is thriving in governments, but most of the cases go unreported since their perpetrators threaten the victims because of the influence they command. It is a common phenomenon in most governments that people have to part with sexual favors in order to receive certain services from government officials. For instance, if one is looking for a job in a government agency, the bosses often demand sexual favors in return for the job. In essence, it is a kind of a barter exchange that occurs, but that result because the victims find themselves in a compromising situation in which they either give in to the demands or else they miss the opportunity, benefits or service that they were to receive.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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