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CAn Toxic Leadership be Mitigated - Coursework Example

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He/she leaves the employees in a much worse condition or status than how it was before and they also destroy the entire…
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CAn Toxic Leadership be Mitigated
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Extract of sample "CAn Toxic Leadership be Mitigated"

Can Toxic Leadership Be Mitigated? Affiliation A toxic leader is an individual who abuses his/her role as a leader while overseeing the overall functions of a workforce within an organization. He/she leaves the employees in a much worse condition or status than how it was before and they also destroy the entire organization’s structure.
As the appointed coach, since the leader is aware of my presence there, I would first form a leadership development activity in which all the leaders within the organization will be present. The activity could be something casual yet informative in which everyone gets to participate that involves reviewing renowned leadership journals and books. Secondly, I would suggest that the gap between the leader and the workforce is what is contributing to lack of trust among them. Also, it would be better if a free, casual and yet a professional relationship existed, which would prove to be healthier and has a potential of improving the situation. In addition, I would present some statistical information that connects greater productivity to more trust in an organizational setup.
Since there are different cultures in the organization, I would recommend a monthly meeting that focuses on learning and recognizing everyone’s cultures. It will be in order to assist the leader into realizing and acknowledging the diverse culture he is dealing with, hence making him respect and appreciate all of them. Bring in a speaker who specializes in improving culture for a quarterly. Lastly, in order for the leader to have a constant reminder of what is right or wrong, I would ask the workers to contribute by reminding the leader of things he has done right, (Korn, 2004).
In conclusion, by using the right channels, it is possible to reform a toxic leader. Although some situations appears tough, having a professional do it is more advisable, since they tend t know how to go about it smoothly and efficiently.
Korn, M. (2004). Toxic Cleanup: How to Deal With a Dangerous Leader. Fast Company, (88), 117. Read More
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(CAn Toxic Leadership Be Mitigated Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
CAn Toxic Leadership Be Mitigated Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“CAn Toxic Leadership Be Mitigated Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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