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To what extent is netanyahu speech in Congress 2015 view the nuclear deal - Movie Review Example

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The Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a very controversial speech in the attempts of appealing to president Obama to withdraw talks with Iran. He warned that this is a bad deal whose works…
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To what extent is netanyahu speech in Congress 2015 view the nuclear deal
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Extract of sample "To what extent is netanyahu speech in Congress 2015 view the nuclear deal"

Download file to see previous pages It consists of two houses the House of Representatives and the senate. The congress meets in capitol which is located in Washington D.C. Benjamin claimed that this deal would create two chief concessions which act as a threat to Israel’s security as well as the region. This will be through retention of Iran’s ability to initiate a nuclear weapons program.1 Netanyahu termed it as a bad deal and explained that Israel is much better without the deal. The speech welcomed mixed views and responses from people of all the walks of life as the document analyzes.1
The speech encompassed strong views against the American Iranian negotiations that are underway. This speech stirred up some political controversy of the two countries. He noted that these negotiations will just guarantee that Tehran gets the nuclear weapons to harm the entire world. Netanyahu also noted that from the previous attempts, it is evident that Iran is a nation that cannot be trusted. This is irrespective of whatever they say in terms of whichever accord designed to stop it from acquiring those weapons. He also noted in the speech that the world is now facing the danger of the Islamic militant marriage with the nuclear weapons.
The members of the house expressed varying opinions concerning these Netanyahu’s words. A loud applause was received. However the applause came from the republicans while the democrats revealed a restrained reaction. According to Netanyahu, after the deal will be done Iran was to receive two major concessions. One concession was to leave intact the Iran’s vast nuclear infrastructure. The other concession was to lift the restrictions on this program in like a decade. According to Netanyahu, the world should make sure that no restrictions get lifted on the nuclear program on Iran (New York Times 2). This will be until Iran stops all the aggressive activities against its neighbors in Mideast, seize supporting terrorism in the globe and refrain from annihilating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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