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It's a sad day for the company because our Board of Directors has decided to close the Plant in Normal. We have to phase out activities in Normal because of the decrease in company profits that was partially caused by economically insufficient manufacturing operations into Normal plant…
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Professional communication Speech/Presentation
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Letter Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to announce some news which our company will be forced to introduce into our activities. It's a sad day for the company because our Board of Directors has decided to close the Plant in Normal. We have to phase out activities in Normal because of the decrease in company profits that was partially caused by economically insufficient manufacturing operations into Normal plant. The period for conducting complete closure will last for six months that will enable workers to find new working places. We have to become a balanced, innovative, permanently profit-making company in well-founded markets with the optimal utilization of the available machinery, technology, plants and human resources in order to survive in the competitive environment. As a result we have to phase down our activities in Moline.
Our clerks of personnel department will do their utmost to assist you in finding new jobs. Unfortunately some of the workers will be laid off. However, advance notice will "give workers a chance to adapt their expenditure pattern and family plans to an upcoming period of financial stringency" (Howland, 1989). We realize that our announcement may be greeted with anger and dismay by the trade union as well as personally by you because this doesn't just affect the workers - this affects their families that is why we'd like to make the advance notification before the public. The advance notification enables on the timing of the search for an alternative job thereby reducing the period of unemployment. It's clear enough that with that many people being introduced into the job market at once the likelihood of them all finding work in the region is not enormous. We do our best to minimize the harm made to you and announce the news in advance because the best time to undertake programs of job search, assistance, consulting and retaining for workers is prior to their displacement.

We promise new working places in our factory in Normal for the majority of workers, however, not for all of you. We kindly ask you to understand our situation that despite our wishes we have constrains regarding the number of workers employed in the Moline plan. Details regarding your transfer will be discussed personally on individual basis
Workers who will no be transferred to the Moline plant will be provided with a week's severance pay for every year of service to the company.

The closure of the plant announced in mass-media reflects the real state of affairs. We have to improve asset management by consolidating older production facilities. Consolidation of this kind will release additional free cash that may be used as floating assets for increasing profits and the level of liquidity under the condition of motivated management.

We value you a lot. We realize that this isn't a bottom-line business decision. These are people's lives. You've dedicated our lives here. You planned to work here until you retire and draw pensions. We suffer greatly because we have to make you start over.
We hope for your understanding and thank you for it!
We are very grateful to you for fruitful cooperation and for your understanding. Thanks for supporting and being with us!

Yours faithfully,
Vice President
John Smith

1. Extraordinary announcement pdf
2 "Fingerhut closure shocks Sullivan County costing over 1300 jobs" June 2002 . Read More
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