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The author analyzes the texts which discuss poverty and diverse measures necessary for the improvement of police and community relations. Moreover, discussions on the influences of community, race, class, and justice emphasized in the text based on racial and police injustices.  …
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Text Analysis of the Discussion on KALW, Local Public Radio 91.7 FM
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Youths experience high poverty levels subjecting them to many criminal justice systems convictions, because of their little economic power. In summary, police and community relationship improvement can only work better if poverty issues among the youths are addressed, and economic injustices solved (Nguyen 1).
Evaluation of the Text
The text is useful because it presents opportunity and resolutions for the improvement of police and community relations. Moreover, different individuals representing various institutions can participate in the discussions. Zachary Norris, the executive director of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Ethel Long- Scott, director of women’s economic agenda project and Daniel Zapien, youth organizer, photographer and videographer at Silicon Valley De-Bug, have lengthy talks on the reasons for poverty, police and community relations. They make the text debatable since they have valid facts for discussion based mainly on poverty issues, and it is effects on police and the community.
The Value of Racial and Economic Justice
Nguyen argues that the text offers value of the importance of racial and economic justice. Besides, economic justice among various people in the community contributes to the alleviation of poverty and eventual improvement of police and the community. Therefore, support of economic power among the youth reduces idleness and rates of crime in the community. It has a positive effect on the community since police tend to execute their duties based on racial discrimination of criminals in the community. That is because youths supported economically reduce their criminal activities keeping away the police from them and the community.     Read More
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Text Analysis of the Discussion on KALW, Local Public Radio 91.7 FM Essay - 4.
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