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Analysis of Radio Ratings - Assignment Example

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 This essay discusses radio ratings. The winners of the radio rating survey were Australian radio network as their Mix FM and WSFM stations recorded an increase in their market share. The radio stations 2DAY and MMM have a tremendous drop in their survey…
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Analysis of Radio Ratings
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Download file to see previous pages The ABC station is non-commercial and is not dependent on rating figures for revenue. Those working and running the shows watch the rating figures for this station closely (Sterling, 191).
The winners of the radio rating survey were Australian radio network as their Mix FM and WSFM stations recorded an increase in their market share (Hardie, Pp 3). The breakfast team of in WSFM that is run by Jonesy, Amanda recorded, and increases of 1.3 percent while their market share increased by 9.0 percent. Kyle and Jackie O market share increased by 0.8 percent. The dominating station at the top on the AM band and 2GB had an increase of 0.6 percent with a market share rating of 14.1 percent. Alan Jones recorded an increase of 0.1 percent in their breakfast show slot that led the slot with 17.1 percent.
Chris Moyles is a host and disk jockey on BBC’s Radio breakfast show. For more than half a decade, his listeners’ span has dropped to a new low. This incidence takes place while his departure from the studio years. Moyles is a self-made redeemer of radio 1, making him one of the few people to depart from the prime occupation in United Kingdom’s radio in September 2012. His listeners’ span dropped to 6.93 million within a ninety-day period to the last part of June. According to the most recent postings from Rajar listening statistics, radio 1 had a mean of weekly tuning of 11.27 million listeners. This is an increment of 1.2% from the preceding quarter but a drop of 3.6% from preceding years. Moyles continuously increased his breakfast audience from an opening 5.93 million listeners in 2004 to an extreme figure of 7.9 million at the start of 2010. Nevertheless, Moyles was up against Wogan, and currently
Evans, who both had an opening audience exceeding two million listeners. Moyles lost the leading spot and his audience figures have been plummeting ever since.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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