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Negotiation between Fisher and Ury - Essay Example

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As the paper stresses, Fisher and Ury convincingly argue that everyone posses a sense of negotiation. Negotiation may be applied to achieve a balance between different interests.  Fisher and Ury explain the three types of negotiation applied by individuals…
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Negotiation between Fisher and Ury
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Download file to see previous pages To illustrate the method of principled negotiation, the following negotiation was witnessed between two neighbors.
The above negotiation utilized the principled model of negotiation. The parties involved are using both the soft and hard approach. Bugsy is applying the soft approach; trying as much as he can to remain civil. In addition, he considers Ronald as a friend; hence, trying to make concessions to retain the civility. However, it fails, as he trusts that Ronald will reciprocate his kindness and come to an amicable agreement. Ronald, on the other hand, appears to be a hard negotiator. They both argue over positions; hence, producing unwise agreements. Bugsy, being a soft negotiator, tries to be nice to Ronald. Fisher and Ury explain that being nice is not the solution. Some level of positional bargaining is sufficient to express interests. Bugsy is willing to compromise his position, but this makes Ronald tougher as he gets to realize his ‘supremacy’ in the argument. An efficient method of principled negotiation ought to consider the people, interests, options, and criteria to resolve the conflict.
The conversation indicates that the people were not separate from the problem. In this case, both Ronald and Bugsy approached each other as the problem. Bugsy, despite trying to maintain the neighborly relationship, is frustrated by Ronald's lack of reciprocation. Ronald perceives Bugsy as an adversary; hence, failing to focus on interests rather than positions. By using the principled approach, both Ronald and Bugsy should have taken into consideration the available options to mitigate the conflict and establish relevant criteria to ensure that everyone’s interests are considered.
Both Bugsy and Ronald approached the negotiation on established positions (positional bargaining). Ronald is adamant and unwilling to compromise on his position.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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