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Crisis in Ukraine: A New US/Russia Cold War - Research Paper Example

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As the aggressive nationalist and mainly pro-EU (European Union) movement intensified in the capital city, Kiev, the pro-Russian…
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Crisis in Ukraine: A New US/Russia Cold War
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Extract of sample "Crisis in Ukraine: A New US/Russia Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages n of Crimea triggered separation movements in Donetsk and Luhansk, beginning the ongoing war between the pro-Russian radical militia and the Ukrainian army in the Eastern Ukraine (Nelson, 2014).
The Ukrainian crisis opened a gate for blame game between the Western powers, particularly, the United States and Russia as both the powers began to accuse one another for the crisis. The US and its European allies condemned Russia’s Crimean annexation and imposed numerous political and economic sanctions on Russia. On the other hand, Russia blamed the west for promoting fascism and imperialism and it continued to provide military and financial aid to pro-Russian rebels in the Eastern Ukraine (Nelson, 2014). In the absolutely unpredictable chain of episodes, domestic clashes between Ukraine’s new pro-western regime and pro-Russian separatists coiled into an intense conflict that provokes a new era of global rivalry between Russia and the West. But, majority of political experts and researches argue that current clashes between Russia and the US can be traced long back in NATO’s policies of expanding in the Eastern Europe, 2008 Georgia war, and Putin’s policies of reestablishing Russian dominance among the post-Soviet countries (Budjeryn, 2015). In other words, it is asserted that the Ukraine crisis simply provide an excuse to the great powers, the US and Russia, to openly defy each other and Ukraine has become a mere victim of great powers’ rivalry (Budjeryn, 2015). The thesis is supported by means of state level theory on international relations and foreign policies. The Ukrainian crisis, which erupted in the late 2013, has practically ended the cooperative phase of Russian-Western relationships that gradually developed with the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s. With the growing confrontation and increased rivalry between the United States and Russia, both the former Cold War opponents are standing on the verge of new era of the Cold War II (Trenin, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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