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Fresh in the memories of the media and historian is the cold war that was fought between USSR and the USA, a fact that led to actual war in…
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Geopolitics of Trade and Development
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Geopolitics of Trade and Development Introduction Tensions between Russia and the European peninsula, as well as the greater NorthAmerican continent, have generated wars and near wars. Fresh in the memories of the media and historian is the cold war that was fought between USSR and the USA, a fact that led to actual war in some countries like Vietnam and Korea. The trend in tension between Russia and the rest of the world has not been new, and more recently is the Crimean question that escalated the political tension in both Europe and America. In an attempt to understand different perspective with which media reports analyses geopolitical situations, this study will analyze the Ukraine and Russian crises over Crimea through a comparison of the Canadian news item (The and an international news item (CNN). Through a realist approach, this paper will thus analyze different manners with which the two media sources reported the situation.
CNN report on annexation of Crimea
A CNN news report on 18 March 2014 by Matt Smith and Alla Eshchenko reporting the situation in Crimea was entitled “Ukraine cries ‘robbery’ as Russia annexes Crimea.” In a more influencing manner, the paper reported the culmination of events that led to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. By quoting from figures, CNN reported that the voter percentage of 97% for the Crimean residents voted for the nation to join the Russian Federation. Through the opening paragraphs of the article, the paper gives the reader a notion that the action by the Federation of Russia to annex Crimea is a legal situation going by the unfolding of events and the willingness of the Crimean citizens to join the Russian Federation.
Nevertheless, CNN gives the readers of the article a perspective of its thought on the reason Ukraine has a right to cry foul over the ‘robbery’ of their territory. The paper offers a stand that appears to be in support of the United States’ policy on the Crimean crisis by citing to the reader the amount of influence the Russian Federation and military had in the voting by the Crimea to join the Russian Federation. The paper thus gives a more holistic approach to the situation by pointing to the reader the plight of the minority in Crimea who are unwilling to join the Russian Federation but lives in Crimean (Matt Smith & Alla Eshchenko, 2014).
The report on annexation of Crimea
While narrowing on the situation in Crimea following the annexation of the region by the Russian Federation, the news on 18th March 2014 under the title “Putin signs treaty annexing Crimea” majors on the economic and military implication of the situation. The news outlet is keen to point at the implications of the sanctions that the international community imposes on Russia and the role of Canada in the crisis.
In a manner seen as reflecting the ordeal of Ukrainians, the Star reported that the situation is most likely to lead to a security tension between the two countries that have a greater possibility of spilling to an international platform. In its reports on the issue of annexation of Crimea, the star news does not take a neutral approach but vividly points at the aggravation situation that the Russian Federation has brought on the international platform. Pointing at the steps USA and Japan have taken in the situation, the star can be interpreted as influencing the government of Canada to take a direct approach in the situation (Nataliya, 2014).
The difference in manners with which different news sources report situations from a realistic point can be said to be dependent on the interest of the news source and the country on the geopolitical situation. Inferring to the Crimean crisis, the USA had a direct link and stand to the situation; thus, the report by the CNN was to give the citizens of the country particularly a vivid situation of the crises. On the other hand, Canada had taken a rather look warm stand on the situation that may have been contrary to the interest of the star news. The news report by the star could thus be said to be one that is geared towards motivating the government to take a direct approach to the geopolitical situation.
Matt Smith & Alla Eshchenko. (2014). Ukraine cries ‘robbery’ as Russia annexes Crimea. CCN news 18 March report. Retrieved:
Nataliya Vasilyeva. (2014). Putin signs treaty annexing Crimea. The star 18 march. Retrieved: Read More
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