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China is more important to the USA's national interest than Taiwan - Research Paper Example

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This can be proved from assessing the history of United States and from geopolitics. In 1890, the army of the United States was able to win the American – Indian war and this enabled…
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China is more important to the USAs national interest than Taiwan
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Extract of sample "China is more important to the USA's national interest than Taiwan"

Download file to see previous pages It was able to make Wake Island to be its territory in 1900 and soon started to build the Panama Canal. All these were aided by Taiwan and the navy of the US continued to expand to a state whereby by the end of the Second World War, no nation would compare or compete with the navy. Taiwan has also aided in the building of the economic relations in the United States. Despite this however, China is considered to be more important than Taiwan and has been regarded to as an obstacle to building of the relationship between China and the United States (Copper, 2011).
The first reason that supports the argument of China being more important to interest of the United States than Taiwan emanates from the fact that China has maintained a steady increase in the political as well as the economic growth. This has increased the political and economic influence that it has on the other nations. China has been rated as being the third largest exporting and importing country in the global market at the beginning of twenty first century and the fourth largest in the economic rating. It therefore comes after United States, Japan and Germany. It is also among the top three states that are highly involved in foreign direct investment in the global market. It has also acquired more benefits from globalization than any other country in the world and this is evidenced by the share of the market it has in the global market. Its annual growth for exports averaged 4.5 percent while the country that followed attained only 1.8 percent and this was the United States. The Gross Domestic Product of China has also been observed to grow at a higher rate compared to the other developing countries. China has focused on ways of improving its performance in the global market and in this respect has considered the importance of liberalization and has encouraged economic integration by focusing on the involving the private and public investments. It has improved its ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(China Is More Important to the USA'S National Interest Than Taiwan Research Paper)
China Is More Important to the USA'S National Interest Than Taiwan Research Paper.
“China Is More Important to the USA'S National Interest Than Taiwan Research Paper”, n.d.
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