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The author states that the Russian invention in Ukraine has drawn the world’s attention. A large number of world powers, including the US, Japan, and other European nations have condemned the action and are doing all they can to evacuate Ukraine from the situation.  …
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Ukraine is a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century.
A. Causes of disputes between Russia and Ukraine
The relations of the two nations are complex. The originality of the disputes ranges from economic backgrounds to political, involving leaders and later emerging into military attacks. The causes of the conflicts are associated with gas issues. Other sources have it that the whole dispute resulted from land ownership (Pimlott, 1987). President Vladimir Putin declared in 2008 - NATO -Russia summit that if Ukraine were to join NATO, his country could content to annex the Ukraine East and Crimea. Since the election of Viktor Yanukovych as the Ukraine president in 2010, the relationships between the two nations have experienced improvement.
B. The relation between Russia and Ukraine
However, the relations in Russia and Ukraine have deteriorated in 2014 following the Crimean crisis and the Russia military interventions in the Peninsula. The two countries have suspended the majority of their ties including military co-operation. Rampant military attacks have been experienced in Crimean, associated with the Russian army. There have been a lot of killings of late, with the destruction of property, inclusive of the parliament buildings. The use of military forces in Ukraine has also resulted in a separation of the Crimean from Ukraine, establishing itself as the Republic of Crimean ( Service, 1998).
The whole issue has drawn the world’s attention. The conflict has induced the Cold war. For instance, Japan has expressed serious concern that Russian Moves by denying a visa to 23 Russians, whose names are disclosed. The imposition of Visa bans for the Russian Citizens has followed the United States and the European Union in announcing sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine (Lehtinen & Uppsala, 1993).   Read More
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