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The Antifederalists: critics of the constitution - Essay Example

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The thesis of the article centers on the voices of the Anti-federalists who felt the US Constitution did not advocate for equal rights of both black and the whites during the creation of the federal system of governance. The author has attempted to project real and critical…
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The Antifederalists: critics of the constitution
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Extract of sample "The Antifederalists: critics of the constitution"

The Anti-federalists: Critics of the Constitution Question The thesis of the article centers on the voices of the Anti-federalists who felt the US Constitution did not advocate for equal rights of both black and the whites during the creation of the federal system of governance. The author has attempted to project real and critical debate that underscored the implication of the American Revolution, as well as the direction of the US future. As indicated in the article, America consisted of various groups that had distinct economic, social, and political life. In essence, Main has succeeded in showing that the efforts of the Anti-federalists were for the advantage of all as opposed to a certain section of the society.
Question 2
The audience of the article is public who intend to understand and capture the events that unfolded in the eighteenth century when the United States demonstrated divisions along racial lines. Historians would be interested to use the article to highlight the passionate disputes evident in the mid and late eighteenth century.
Question 3
The author highlights the distinct social, economic, and political objectives of various sections of the American population as evidence to underscore the disputes that arose during the struggle for equality and revolution in the United States. According to the article, the Anti-federalists felt that the principle of power should rest on the popular if the government was committed to representing the people (Main 13). As indicated in the article, the Constitution represented a national, but not a federal form of governance.
Work Cited
Main, Jackson. The Anti Federalists: Critics of Constitution, 1781-1788. New York: W W Norton & Co Inc, 1974. Print. Read More
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