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The seven articles of the constitution were written by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the year 1787. Thus, the constitution is more than 200 years old and is in fact designated as the oldest…
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US Constitution
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United s Constitution 16-09-11 The US ConstitutionThe American Constitution is the supreme Law of the United States. The seven articles of the constitution were written by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the year 1787. Thus, the constitution is more than 200 years old and is in fact designated as the oldest constitution of the world. In accordance with the constitution, the Congress was partitioned into two houses and the United States Federal Government was divided into three branches known as the legislative, judicial and the presidential branch. The legislative branch has the power to formulate Laws while the other two braches do not have the right make Laws to prosecute citizens. The President is the head of the Executive branch which is why it is known as the Presidential branch. This branch ensures the proper implementation of Laws as well as administers the affairs of America. The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court and is responsible to review Laws. The separation of power among the three branches was conducted according to the principles drafted by John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. The Framers of the constitution had taken the decision to divide in an attempt to ensure that the Federal Government has limited power so that the liberties of U.S. citizens were not vulnerable. Furthermore, the separation of power would enable the three branches to keep a check on each other’s activities. This idea of check and balance would ensure that the absolute rights of the citizens were safeguarded. Therefore, the chance of political leaders ignoring the liberties of citizens is narrowed down to zilch. Furthermore, the three branches work together in a highly interactive manner to accomplish a single goal i.e. the prosperity of America. (Levy et al 1986)
Hobbes strongly believed that the weak needed protection from the strong and thus power should never reside in the hands of a single entity. Originally, the theorist Baron deMontesquieu had suggested using the idea of power separation to protect the rights of citizens. He considered power to be dangerous and stated that if it concentrates in the hands of a single entity than the liberties of citizens would always be ignored and trampled upon.
The three branches interact in a unique way which ensures that if a branch tries to out step the constitution, the other two branches immediately declare the act unconstitutional. Therefore, it ensures that the American Constitution has the ability to self govern its responsibilities and maintain the balance of power. Therefore, this ensures that the power is equally divided among the three branches and enables them to enjoy an equal status. The success of the federal government is reflected by the fact that it has never denied the rights of U.S citizens. It has been observed around the world that constitutions fail to maintain democracy. Therefore, if the forefathers would not have established the system of power separation than the government of United States would have collapsed a long time ago. It is a well know fact that countries without a strong constitution do not last long. Therefore, America is a super power because it has a strong and an efficient Federal government (Beeman, R. R. 2009).
Levy, L. W., Karst, K. L., & Mahoney, D. J. (1986). Encyclopedia of the American Constitution. New York: Macmillan.
Beeman, R. R. (2009). Plain, honest men: The making of the American Constitution. New York: Random House. Read More
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