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International studies Article presentation - Essay Example

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The two articles are about documentaries that reveal new discoveries on the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Flight MH370 that was destined for Beijing from…
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International studies Article presentation
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Extract of sample "International studies Article presentation"

The Lost Malaysian Plane This essay compares two new articles featured in UK’s The Mirror and New Zealand’s The New Zealand Herald. The two articles are about documentaries that reveal new discoveries on the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Flight MH370 that was destined for Beijing from the Kuala Lumpur. The plane miraculously vanished on March 8, 2014. Flight MH370 had more than 200 people on board from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
Article A (The Mirror)
1. The mirror articulates that the flight MH370 was intentionally flown off course towards Antarctica.
2. There was someone in the cockpit who diverted it to take it to Antarctica claim the experts.
3. The new documentary reveals that the satellite records from the mysteriously lost jet shows that it flew for long hours after losing contact with the control.
4. The mirror maintains that aviation experts exhausted the possible evidence related to what might have caused the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian 370 but in vain.
5. According to the Mirror, experts believed that, the doomed jet made three turns after the loss of contact taking it west to Antarctica (Daily Mail 1).
6. Australian disaster investigation team under Martin Dolan is leading attempts to recover the plane with high hopes of getting any surface wreckage.
Article B (The New Zealand Herald)
1. Reports by The New Zealand Herald also claim the documentary shows the Malaysian plane MH370 was flown deliberately off course by someone in the cockpit to Antarctica (The New Zealand Herald 1).
2. In the documentary, the aviation disaster experts analyzed satellite data from the lost Malaysian Airline flight suggesting that the plane flew for hours after losing contact with the control.
3. According to Malcolm Brenner a world’s leading expert in causes of aviation disaster, someone in the cockpit deliberately flew MH370 off course.
4. Flight MH370 made three turns after the radio call, first left turn, then two more, taking the plane west Antarctica.
5. Some reports suggest that the plane might have crashed further south in the Indian than previously thought.
6. The whereabouts of the flight MH370is not known and remains a mystery.
Reports in the Mirror express hope of finding debris of the flight while that in the New Zealand Herald do not express the possibilities.
Works Cited
Daily Mail. New documentary claims MH370 flew toward Antarctica. The New Zealand Herald. Tuesday Feb 24, 2015. Web. Tuesday Feb 24, 2015. <> Shammas, John. MH370: Data strongly suggests doomed jet was deliberately flown off course towards Antarctica. The Mirror. Monday Feb 23, 2015. Web. Tuesday Feb 24, 2015. <> Read More
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