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Presentation Skills and Its Capabilities - Article Example

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The goal of this article "Presentation Skills and Its Capabilities" is to highlight the strengths of the presentations as a highly effective means of communication. Furthermore, the article will elaborate on the relevant communication skills in regard to presentation theory…
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Presentation Skills and Its Capabilities
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Extract of sample "Presentation Skills and Its Capabilities"

Download file to see previous pages Presentations are communication means to provide information and ideas. Invariably the objective behind a presentation is not limited just to the communication of information and ideas, but it is an exercise in persuasion. This exercise in persuasion may be targeted at a single individual or to a group of people. The persuasion objective is either to adopt or revise a particular attitude, accept or modify an opinion or to take or refrain from taking a particular course of action or decision.
Presentations are a distinct form of communication in both its aims and its method of employment. In most other forms of communication, the audience is thereby choice through a desire or need. In the case of a presentation, the audience is a targeted individual or group invariably present through an invitation.
The audience – speaker relationship is different from that of a normal speaker-audience relationship. In a normal speaker-audience relationship the implication is that the speaker is at a higher level than the audience and is treated with deference. In a presentation, the roles are reversed. The speaker at a presentation treats the audience with the deference, cannot demand attention, and must deserve it.
With the speaker at a normal speaker-audience has greater allowances due to the deference offered by the audience and is seldom restricted by time. In the case of the speaker at a presentation, with the audience being treated with deference, there is the restriction of time. In a presentation, the speaker needs to make use of the time available in the most effective manner.
This restriction on time and the need to use time effectively that poses the greatest challenge to the speaker at a presentation and it is here that the use of developments of science and technology provide the means for speaker at a presentation to utilize sound and vision comes to make the presentation more effective in the limited span of time available. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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