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A Deputy Incident Commander would be necessary when the incident commander is in need for assistance. An incident commander may need assistance for instance in preparation of documentation for the state or federal emergency management services. Particular assignments could…
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Command and Management
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Command and Management Affiliation A Deputy Incident Commander would be necessary when the incident commander is in need for assistance. An incident commander may need assistance for instance in preparation of documentation for the state or federal emergency management services. Particular assignments could involve matters like representation of an incident commander to press, making of public statements that involve relief work that is associated with an incident. Due to the fact that relief and mitigation efforts within a certain emergency are in progress, a deputy incident commander will be necessary to relieve the incident commander during meals, sleep, as well as breaks if necessary. A deputy incident commander is a representative of an incident responding agency, for instance, the senior officer who is in charge of activities concerning law enforcement in association with the incident.
2. Tenets for working with chaos:
Such for a right incident commander: everyone cannot make to be an incident commander. The incident commander role is in advance determined by agencies on basis of education, experience as well as the training to fit into the position. Unique abilities, skills, as well as chemical psychological makeup which comprise efficient incident commanders cannot probably be harvested or taught in each first responder. It is developed within individuals possessing personal tendency of performance under stress.
Some incidents lack guidelines hence one has to think. Mostly people believe in the NIMS forms as well as section responsibilities supplied checklists. Practitioners need to engage in sense making when he/she challenges a condition falling within a chaotic cynefin framework area (SECURITY, 2012).
Improvisation and manipulation could determine between the failure, or success in an incident response. This may be especially when people are manipulated to act towards success.
Finding a starting point for a perceptive problem solving or focusing on coming up with a solution for the problem within the chaos might assist he incident commanders in working towards normalizing the situation. Incident commanders who have vast store of particular things, people or events notice leverage points as well as make use of them to their advantage. NIMS being a useful training still lacks the component of education required to make it efficient in event response.
Incident response personnel should realize that they arrive late at the scene. People already in the scene could be important in sense making. Incident commanders should sense making steps after arriving (SECURITY, 2012).
3. Annex P – Terrorism, in the San Diego County Organization of Emergency services provides a summary for emergency response protocol for terrorism incidents. The protocol does define the guidelines for the development and sustenance of a comprehensive as well as an integrated method that does address terrorism within the operational area of Santiago County. However, there exists certain language within the protocol that permits flexibility in response to a disaster. “It is a blueprint for the development of Operational Area efforts for responding to and combating terrorism, with special emphasis on terrorist acts employing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) such as nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) terrorism in addition to conventional weapons (bombs) (Office of Emergency Services, 2010, p.8).“ it emphasizes on specific forms of terrorism leaving out the others. It does not provide for emphasis on weapons such as guns and other weapons that are not of mass destruction.
Office of Emergency Services. (2010). Unified San Diego County Emergency Services Organization Operational Area Emergency Plan. Executive Summary, 8.
SECURITY, H. (2012). The Missing Piece of NIMS: Teaching Incident Commanders How to Function in the Edge of Chaos. The Journal of the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security, 19. Read More
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