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Develop a leadership plan for addressing the issue identified in the case study - Research Paper Example

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The region of Massachusetts during June 1, 2011 was struck by a large scale disaster owing to the striking of a tornado which in terms of magnitude is known as the F-3 Tornado. The region struck by a tornado of such high magnitude reflected large scale destruction in many…
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Develop a leadership plan for addressing the issue identified in the case study
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Extract of sample "Develop a leadership plan for addressing the issue identified in the case study"

Download file to see previous pages The downtown areas of Monson largely populated by local government and municipal buildings suffered heavy losses of government property owing to the large scale destruction of government buildings and offices. Apart from the large scale destruction of residential and government properties the central and downtown areas of Monson also suffered from potential damage of several commercial properties. Many business offices operating in such regions had to close down or were bound to switch over to other areas by opening up newer branches. It is observed that the downtown region of Monson which was once largely populated with trees now was completely barren after being heavily struck by the tornado. Large scale destruction of residential properties in the downtown region were observed after the tornado strike ruined around 290 houses thereby claiming both properties and lives in a devastating fashion. Thus, it is found that the region of Massachusetts became struck by a tornado of deadly potential. In the light of the above case the paper tends to evaluate the leadership issues in regards to the conduct of emergency operations to save both life and property and thereby in citing an effective plan to help enhance the efficiency of the emergency plans. For Massachusetts the year of 2011 was quite a disaster as the state was struck with one of the largest tornadoes across around 18 community regions that claimed around 550 lives and made a huge chunk of the population homeless (Town of Monson, 2011, p.1; Earth Observatory, 2011).
A large number of faults were observed in regards to leadership issues to render effective emergency services to the victims of such tornado devastated regions. Firstly, it was observed that there were huge communication gaps between the government authorities and the agencies that were working to promote emergency related services. There were also communication gaps where the people pertaining to the agency operations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Develop a Leadership Plan for Addressing the Issue Identified in the Research Paper.
“Develop a Leadership Plan for Addressing the Issue Identified in the Research Paper”, n.d.
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