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The paper focuses on the nations’ economic development. In relation to economic development, the paper delves with the establishment of a democratic government. The major problem deals with whether economic development…
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How democracy is related to economic development
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Download file to see previous pages Marx gave as example the histories of both England and France proved that economic development brought about democracy. Marx and his loyal fans, both within the bourgeoisie class, owned property and engaged in business as capitalists and entrepreneurs. Consequently, the bourgeoisie class led to the toppling of the prior authoritarian government, a replacement transition mode (Sfsu, 2014). The toppling resulted to the creation of democratic governments. The prior government was toppled because its policies ran smack against the very grain of laissez faire or free enterprise business concepts, based on transition theories (Sfsu, 2014). Likewise, Max Weber insisted that the fall of the profitability or viability of the bourgeoisie leaders to retain the economic development led to the destruction of the German democratic government. In the same light, Moore espoused the peasants contributed to the establishment of democratic government. The philosophers had espoused economic development leads to a better political communication environment. Further, Laothamatas adhered to Mr. S M. Lipset’s emphasis that an economically developed society will trigger the people to push for the implementation of a democratic state.
The above article affirms the concept indicating economic development leads to viable democracy. M. K. Marx affirmed this concept. The bourgeoisie helped establish the economically viable democracy movements. Economic development priorities often led to free political elections within a democratic government.
The reading affirms economic development contributes to the establishment and retention of democracy (Lipset, 1959, p 75). The economic wealth or status of the nation affects the nation’s democratic aspirations. Compared to a nation that is burdened with a low or bankrupt economy, a well to do nation (rich) has a better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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