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'Britain can be proud of its legacy of military intervention since the end of the Second World War.' Do you agree - Essay Example

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For more than three hundred years, Britain was the most powerful naval power in the world and it is through this power that it was able to dominate over a quarter of the globe. The power of Britain was unrivalled by any other nation and this ensured the security of not only the…
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'Britain can be proud of its legacy of military intervention since the end of the Second World War.' Do you agree
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Extract of sample "'Britain can be proud of its legacy of military intervention since the end of the Second World War.' Do you agree"

Download file to see previous pages The two world wars made the situation even worse because it ensured the formal decline of Britain as the world’s preeminent power and this was in favour of the United States and the Soviet Union. After the Second World War, Britain has intervened militarily in various conflicts across the world and this has created a situation where there have been questions concerning its legacy. This paper seeks to show that while for the most part Britain’s military interventions after the Second World War are a legacy to be proud of, there are instances where some interventions have been misguided and have not been in the interests of the British people.
One of the most important military interventions made by the British military after the Second World War was in the Greek Civil War where it helped in the stabilising the country after the Nazi German withdrawal. The political turmoil that followed this withdrawal made Greece to become a nation divided, where some groups supported the government and monarchy while others supported communist groups that wished to take over the government of the country (Goulter, 2014). Greece had for many years faced a lot of turmoil, first under Ottoman rule and later after independence where it had a lot of uncertainty concerning the type of government that they would have liked. However, while this was the case, the Nazi occupation of the country had made it possible for those groups disillusioned with the monarchy to achieve prominence and once the Germans withdrew, these groups often opted for the ending of the monarchy and the acceptance of communist rule. The ability of these rebels to take over the government through force was quite real because they received support, albeit secretly, from communist countries in Europe, such as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Under these circumstances, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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