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Research Proposal: Intervention and Post-Conflict Growth - Essay Example

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The paper seeks to answer whether humanitarian intervention really helps the receiving country or not. The main hypothesis of this paper is that humanitarian intervention has no significant impact on the post-war growth, both democratic and economic…
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Research Proposal: Intervention and Post-Conflict Growth
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Extract of sample "Research Proposal: Intervention and Post-Conflict Growth"

Download file to see previous pages Since the end of the cold war, various nations have been called to step up to intervene militarily to protect persons other than their citizens from humanitarian disasters. Several issues have arisen on the subject of humanitarian aid, the major being what interest do the intervening states or bodies pursue. The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) concept adopted by the United Nations in 2005 has been the main point of debate with one group viewing it as a crucial development, redefining sovereignty as the duty to protect people rather than borders, while another group viewing R2P as imperialism propagated by Western countries disguised to hide its true intentions.
International law was put in place to regulate war between states, and each country has well established laws that govern the decision to use force and conduct in war. The UN Charter is the fundamental piece of law that determines the legality of the decision to war by states. The UN Charter presents two main provisions that are vital to modern legal regime on war: First, it outlaws individual countries from declaring on others, and secondly, it gives power to the Security Council to make all decisions pertaining to the collective measures involving military force (Bannon, 2006). Regan (2000) focuses mainly on unilateral intervention and only considers the U.N. intervention briefly. In this book, he argues that multilateral intervention differs from unilateral intervention in that they have less focus on ending violence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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