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International relations major - Personal Statement Example

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Globalization promotes various relationships among individuals from different countries, which promotes international relations. In…
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International relations major
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International Relations Personal ment al affiliation International Relations entail the study of the relationships between various countries at different levels such as economic, social and politics. Globalization promotes various relationships among individuals from different countries, which promotes international relations. In addition, most developing countries in Africa, South America, and Arab world are experiencing extensive growth due to globalization. As someone residing in a conservative nation in Middle East, I consider myself at the appropriate position to study the relationship between various cultures worldwide. Saudi Arabia ranks among the fastest developing countries, which experience high rates of migration to different parts of the world. In addition, the country’s relationship with other nations is at its peak due to various factors such as the terror war, oil trade, politics, and sports.
The issue of Islam and terrorism, as well as the position of women in the Saudi Arabian public, is essential motivators to study International Relations. These aspects of the society have motivated me to study the subjects in order to understand the influence of reaction, interactions and actions of governments’ policies on humanity. I firmly accept that an influential and so far-reaching subject warrants a critical understanding and analysis at higher levels.
My elementary and high school education prepares me adequately to study International Relations. I received broad education in various subjects such as mathematics, literature, and history as well as politics. The extensive knowledge in many subjects enables me to communicate effectively with individuals from different parts worldwide during the course of the degree. Additionally, my singing ability enables me to disseminate information regarding various political and economic issues in Arab. The motivation to sing triggers me to explore current political, economic and social events across the world. My main educational goal is to attain a doctorate in International Relations in order to establish a stable career in the field.
The motivation to enroll for the International Relations courses results from the knowledge I have acquired through extensive reading of different political materials since childhood. In addition, my dad bought political books, and historical books play a significant role in my interests in the subject. I also engaged my father in extensive discussion of the current issues in various countries such as international politics and crisis in gulf and Palestine. I anticipate applying the knowledge acquired, and the communication skills in different International Relations contexts at the University. I also desire to represent the views of the Muslims in Middle East from a woman’s perspective in order to eliminate the notion of associating Islam with terrorism on an International Platform. Additionally, I anticipate assisting the poor in different parts of the world using the skill and knowledge I will obtain at the University.
I am capable of working under severe conditions because of the experience gained from helping my mother with different chores at home. I am also unable to undertake the subject in Saudi Arabia due to the high levels of biases regarding the participation specific subjects like International Relations. I look forward to the opportunities and challenge that are studying at the university present.
Work Cited
Carlsnaes, Walter, Thomas Risse-Kappen, and Beth A Simmons. Handbook Of International Relations. London: SAGE Publications, 2013. Print. Read More
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