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Impact of International Relations on Agricultural Education - Dissertation Example

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There is no study on the impact of international relations on agricultural education. To cover the gap in prior studies, the paper "Impact of International Relations on Agricultural Education" proposes a research to investigate the impacts of international relations on agricultural education. …
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Impact of International Relations on Agricultural Education
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Extract of sample "Impact of International Relations on Agricultural Education"

Download file to see previous pages Successful completion of this research work will come with a lot of significance to a lot of people, especially the politicians as well as the educators. First, data, results and conclusions from this research shall serve as updated literature on the impacts of international relation within the population size targeted for this research work. To a large extent, this research shall help in coming out with new models on the type or kind of challenges of agricultural education as a result of international relations. The new trend of knowledge to be acquired shall indeed lead to a new paradigm shift whereby the knowledge shall be adapted for use and implementation by agricultural educationalists. This is to say that the findings and conclusions from this research work will go a long way to shape the lifestyle, working habit and social structures of teachers, the cultures of a county alongside the learners. This means that the learners and all other people across the agricultural education divide who come across this document will have a renewed commitment towards international relations. In particular, agricultural students will reap a lot of benefits from this research given that it seeks to inform them about how their carriers are shaped by international relation. The agricultural teachers, on the other hand, would not fail to reap these benefits. This study is inclusive in its objective and would explore ways on how developing and encouraging international relations would influence the economy of a country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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