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The Effect of World Agribusiness Trade on Arizona, or American Southwest - Essay Example

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This essay “The Effect of World Agribusiness Trade on Arizona or American Southwest” investigates agribusiness sector that entails farming and farming related commercial activities in the field of agriculture. The process of agribusiness, in this case, entails planting crops, harvesting, manufacturing, and distributing them for sale. …
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The Effect of World Agribusiness Trade on Arizona, or American Southwest
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Extract of sample "The Effect of World Agribusiness Trade on Arizona, or American Southwest"

Download file to see previous pages Based on the fact that the statistics are based on the Bureau of Economic Analysis, it shows that they are genuine, and, hence, need to be offered the optimum priority in terms of consideration on how the international agribusiness has affected Arizona. The table compares Arizona with other U.S selected states as a way of demonstrating the effect of international agribusiness to Arizona (Moss et al., 2012, 5-7). The table enumerates that the GDP generated in Colorado through agribusiness is on the same order as Arizona. It is noted that both Arizona and Colorado primary livestock and crop production is 0.5 and 0.6 respectively for all industries. The statistics on the table show that Arizona started participating in international agribusiness several years ago.
Fundamentally, the implication of the percentage is relatively lower than the share in the U.S as a whole. Thus, the implication of the table below is agribusiness and other related trade issues have not created a lot of positive impact in Arizona in general. The enumeration is related to on ten years ago. Thus, it implies that the initial impact of agribusiness on Arizona was not worthwhile. The reason for poor agribusiness in the initial year can be due to poor farming methods and other related aspects in agribusiness (Miljkovic, 2006, 17-19). Thus, the illustration made on the table below is genuine based on the analysis done by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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