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In the wake of rising terrorism attacks across the world, islamophobia has significantly rose to noticeable levels with global and corporate leaders such as Ropert Murdoch airing very controversial anti-islam sentiments. Following the recent Paris terror attacks as well as the…
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"Critique on Rupert Murdoch's tweet and being a muslim in the european society"
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ISLAMOPHOBIA In the wake of rising terrorism attacks across the world, islamophobia has significantly rose to noticeable levels with global and corporate leaders such as Ropert Murdoch airing very controversial anti-islam sentiments. Following the recent Paris terror attacks as well as the adjustment in European anti-immigration policy, Murdoch released a controversial tweet claiming that “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible”. Although Murdoch’s tweet seems like a retaliation against terror attack on media industry that he represents, his tweeted sentiment represents a rising global fear of Islam as a tool of terror.
Terror attacks have traditionally been linked to Islamic extremism than any other religion in the world. Since the terror attack on 9/11 in U.S, most people across the world have developed islamaphobia with every subsequent terror attack such as the one directed to French Newspaper (Erlanger, & Bennhold, 2015). However, Islam has been on the receiving end of unwarranted criticism because terror attacks have always been orchestrated by a few extremist groups and not the entire Islam community. According to U.S Congress linking terrorism to Islam only fuels hatred and fear, which is a plus for the terrorists (2007). Therefore, Murdoch’s sentiments should be reviewed in this light. Indeed, Islamic leaders across the world have always condemned hundreds of terror attacks. Additionally, there are a number of terror attacks already organized and executed by non-Muslims.
It can be argued that Murdoch’s tweet represents a mindset of many people across cultural settings. According to him, Islam needs to carry the cross whenever any terror orchestrated by Islamic extremism happens. Whereas Islamic leaders such as Olivier Roy have condemned terror attacks every time attacks happen (Erlanger, & Bennhold, 2015) , the entire Islamic community has not taken a strong and long lasting stand against terrorism. For instance, Islamic leaders have not been on the global forefront in funding anti-terror related organizations and campaigns. Most of the support Islam has given to anti-terrorism activities has mostly remained verbal (Frost, 2008). From Murdoch’s perspective, Islam has a more rigorous job to do when it comes to fighting terrorism.
However, Murdoch has been highly criticized together with other people who share his ideology regarding Islam and terrorism. It is arguably impossible for the entire Islam community to fight terrorism by distancing themselves from Jihad. This is because Jihad is just a small facet or tenet of Islam, one, which rarely commands everyday life of any Muslim (Gottschalk, & Greenberg, 2008). Although the days of practical Jihad are almost ending, there still exist many Muslims that support Jihad albeit ideologically. However, because the fight against terrorism has seemingly been directed towards Islam, then the ideological Jihads may not be willing to support fight against terrorism (Love, 2012). An appreciable number of Muslims are Muslims by name and not ardent followers. Therefore, for Murdoch to condemn the entire Islam community for their Jihadist cancer is too far-fetched.
It is true that islamophobia has been on the rise but it is also the best time that the global society changed the social and political discourse to accommodate Islamic ideologies rather than criticizing them. This approach will go a way forward in encouraging Muslims to assist fight islamic extremism and the Jihad cancer Murdoch is talking about. However, direct and sharp criticism directed to an entire community is likely to brew more anger and retaliation from the islam community and hence become counterproductive.
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