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Respond to the videos, at least 4 pages paper detailing your take awaysdouble-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman - Movie Review Example

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Indeed, in the previous centuries people mostly paid attention towards maximizing the return on investment, while in the contemporary society…
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Respond to the videos, at least 4 pages paper detailing your take awaysdouble-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman
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Extract of sample "Respond to the videos, at least 4 pages paper detailing your take awaysdouble-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman"

Download file to see previous pages To begin with, it is largely suggested that the United States companies were among the first to point out the necessity to pay attention towards Ethics as well as engage it into the business activities. In other words, it would not be a mistake to suggest that this awareness originated in the West. There was another term mentioned in the video – the insiders. Indeed, insider trading is one of the negative phenomena that are witnessed in the modern business world and poses a great example of unethical behavior. In addition to that, this is a problem that has been largely addressed by the American businesses. What is more important is that the notion of business ethics is often associated with different scandals that appear around it. Indeed, the majority of publications use as examples the situations when companies violated ethical rule. In other words, the public tends to learn about existence of business ethics primarily through news about scandals and not when a company is carrying out a successful ethical policy. Finally, the message that is sent in the first video can be best explained by the actions of one of the characters. A well dressed man, who is undoubtedly a business man, was unable to provide a comprehensive definition of what business ethics is and preferred to threat the audience with a gun in stead of answering the question. In spite of the fact that this situation is somewhat exaggerated, it shows that some people in the business world find the concept of business ethics extremely inconvenient.
The second video is titled Business Ethics in the 21st Century and it focuses on the role this concept plays in the contemporary times. From the very beginning the present argues that some people suggest that business ethics should be regarded as oxymoron which is a combination of world with contradicting meaning. However, if one takes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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