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Business organizations operating both in the traditional and digital world have found the need for incorporating the different forms of social media in their day-to-day operations. Many have adopted various forms…
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Final Research Paper
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Role of social media Social media has become part of operation in every aspect of life. Business organizations operating both in the traditional and digital world have found the need for incorporating the different forms of social media in their day-to-day operations. Many have adopted various forms of social media to attain efficiency in their marketing. “Social media is becoming a more important marketing tool since it has a wide adoption by the public” (Michaelidou, Siamagka, and Christodoulides 1154).Businesses can easily reach their customers and the public by incorporating social media in their operation. They give businesses a real time view of how they can improve their operations and operate more profitably. The comments by customers are used to detect any issues that the customers may have with the products of the company. The customers are also able to get an immediate feedback on the queries that they might raise. The role of social media therefore is more significant in the business world. Businesses use social media mainly in marketing their products, creating awareness to both the potential and existing customers (Michaelidou, Siamagka, and Christodoulides 1154). They are therefore able to increase sales as a result and therefore increasing their profitability. Social media therefore has attained a role in shaping the life of people as well as that of businesses. It has enabled people to interact socially with others and has enabled businesses to attain their profitability goals. It has also shaped the life of businesses by improving communication in organization between various groups of employees (Atur and Huberman 494).
The commonly used forms of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Facebook was initially commonly used by college students and the young people to connect socially with their friends. The role of Facebook has however increased as businesses are now using it to carry out their marketing function by creating a Facebook page where the Facebook users can follow and get any updates from the company or raise their queries and comments. Twitter also started as a tool for basically social networking but with time, businesses have adopted its use in marketing their products, releasing important information to their customers and directing attention for new products and special offers in the market (Bosari Para 4). Google+ has also been adopted by many businesses in carrying out their marketing and through it, the businesses have found the ease of increasing their presence in the business social media marketing. It has features that enable businesses to utilize their models in the same way as twitter and Facebook.
The benefits obtained from social media include that it facilitates an open communication, resulting to an enhanced discovery and delivery of information. It also enables employees to ask questions and discuss various ideas. Social network also provides an opportunity for widening business contacts and acts as a tool for recruitment since it is able to target a large audience. It also improves the reputation of businesses and expands the business research of a company. The drawbacks of using social media include the danger of people being affected by online scams resulting to data theft. There is a possibility of attack by hackers who commit virus attacks and frauds. There also might result to negative comments about the company from employees and other parties which might affect the company’s reputation (SHRM Para 6).
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