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Research proposal on Social media and community development 1 Research proposal 1.1 Introduction The utilization of social media and social networking has turned out to be a noteworthy force in social interactions, political organization and economic development…
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Download file to see previous pages Social media offer a way to distribute and transmit information to a broad audience where users have a chance to make and distribute content (Groshek and Han 2011; Castells 2008). Social networking is the utilization of technological tools to connect and interact with others. Social networking may also refer to the act of engagement where groups of people with similar interests are related and create relationships through a shared community of interest (Faraz and Jan 2012). Examples of social media are blogs, podcasting, and micro-blogs like twitter, online forums and social networks. The use of social media has exponentially grown over time and people spend more time on the internet. Timimi (2012) notes that the time spent on social media sites amounts to 20% of the total time spent online. In community development, one may utilize social media to facilitate social networking. Apparently, one can use social networks to form partnerships and build relationships. Community development is the intervention that offers communities more opportunities to take control over issues that affect their lives. Community development does not essentially mean that all the problems facing a community will be solved; rather, it helps in building confidence on how to handle such problems as successfully as possible. Social networking is where people interact with each other through social media. Social media provides a platform for social networking. 1.2 Objectives of the Study Most users of social sites such as Twitter and Facebook claim to have a massive following and hundreds of friends. However, very few that one can clearly identify physically (Faraz and Jan, 2012). Whereas social networks have made it possible for people to meet and interact online, social networking has had a restricted role in enhancing face to face connections in communities. Nonetheless, social media and social networks are beginning to have a bigger role in developing community and generating co-operation and social action (Fraser, 2010). Several revolutions that took place in North Africa in 2011 in Egypt and Tunisia are clear manifestations of the effects of social media. Hundreds of youths and civilians joined hands and exchanged information using the online platform to bring revolution (ParisTech Review, 2011). Social media therefore, present a great opportunity for communities to intervene in situations that affect their lives. 1.2.1 General objective of the study The objective of this study is to examine the role of social media in bringing about community development. 1.2.2 Specific objectives of the study To assess perceptions of social media users in regard to community development To determine the relationship between social media and community development 1.3 Research Questions 1.3.1 General research questions 1. What are the benefits of social media in the community? 2. In what ways do social media result in development? 3. What ways can be employed to engage the community in social networking? 1.3.2 Specific research question Do social media actually result in community development? 1.4 Research Gap It is apparent that there is a potential overlap involving positive and negative impacts of social media in the society (Ferguson 2005). Many studies have concentrated on deliberations of the negative impact of social media on society. Nevertheless, although some studies have been carried out on the positive impact of soc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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