Reason for decline of trust empathy and civic engagement to us government, influence to democracy and solution - Essay Example

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A healthy political environment requires strong association, communication and good understandings between the government and its citizens, because these elements constitute people’s trust and empathy for their government. Thomas J. Volgy in his book Politics In The Trenches…
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Reason for decline of trust empathy and civic engagement to us government, influence to democracy and solution
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, trust and understanding between the government and its people are essential for a country’s government to work well. Moreover, civic engagement is also an essential condition for a country’s healthy political environment. The term civic engagement refers to community’s joining together to be a collective source of change, and which can be political and non-political in their nature and objective (Wikipedia). The positivity of attending community activities can be a way of viewing citizens’ positivity of caring about their country’s politics. However, in recent years, trust, empathy as well as civic engagement have gradually declined between the federal government and US citizens. There are growing negative reasons for the declining for today’s America, and the major reasons can be attributed to citizens’ lack of political knowledge and enthusiasm. When politicians lack efficiency and do not keep good communication with their people, they tend to lose public trust and empathy; and this will affect both the country and the government in the long run. Moreover, media plays a major role in revealing the ugly facet of politics, which makes Americans skeptical about their government.
Evidently, both US citizens and the US government officials should be responsible for the declining of trust, empathy and civic engagement prevailing in the country. As for the citizens, Volgy claims that US citizens neither have political knowledge nor they try to understand it. Also, they may not even know about the personal lives of their own political representatives. As Volgy writes,“Yet few if any citizens have much inkling about the daily lives of those who represent us in the government” (37). Politics is often made much more complex with what we read and watch over media. However, most people have no patience at all to comprehend the situations and support the government in crucial times. People may have many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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