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Many countries in the world have experienced a decline in conventional forms of participation in politics. The levels of apathy in politics, boycotts of democratic processes and growing distrust along with lack of confidence among citizens on political institutions reflect the mindset of citizens on political situation. …
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Download file to see previous pages Active citizenship is promoted and understood by vitally examining the roles of citizens and how they perceive it, how the sense of belonging is developed and ownership in their social communities, and how this role is subjectively experienced. It is essentially important to investigate the many diverse groups, especially marginalized crowds that risk being politically disengaged due to gender, age or ethnic belonging. This of course is if we want to develop policies that are effective and sanctions that are levelheaded. In order to achieve democracy, a reconfiguration of participation, diversity, pluralism and diversity are essential. Citizenship could also be expanded by analyzing political participation among relegated groups (Rollenhagen, 1982).
This will substantially contribute to policy and scholarly debates vis-a -vis deficit in democracy. Voter turnout has been a major problem in the United Kingdom. It has been on a decline while public disengagement from political processes in general has been influenced largely by a stretch of aspects. Factors as First-Past-The-Post can be linked to this disengagement. Parliaments increasingly fail to reflect on voting patterns of the people, hence many voters are literally left disenfranchised. Their electorate choices remain unrepresented or grossly under represented (Pollard et al 2009).
Intangible factors that influence the civilian minds are at times immeasurable. An example is, the large number of people in the United Kingdom that do not comprehend the functionality of the country’s political system, thus it becomes difficult for an average citizen to appreciate what the parliament does or what the elected members engage in.
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