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Political parties, Interest groups, and Social Movements are three distinct organizations that work under the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and free associations to influence a government either in political, social or economic arena. As Kenneth (198) conceptualizes it,…
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Question 2 Z
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Download file to see previous pages However, their distinct differences in terms of formation, structure and ultimate objective distinguishes them.
Interest groups are encapsulated within the blanket of pressure groups, which are organizations that are formed on a voluntary basis and are private in nature operating not to form a government but aims at influencing and regulating policies that a government formulates. Pressure groups are either cause groups or Interest Groups (Kenneth 200). Pressure Groups are the groups that aim to influence the government politically, a significant distinctive feature. Interest groups are different from cause groups as they (interest groups) focus on occupational aspects that affect their members; be it issues to do with business, trading, and professional regulations among others. Its main focus revolves around the welfare of those they fight for in occupational capacities. For example, a Teacher’s Union would raise teachers’ grievances to the Ministry of Education concerning delayed salaries.
Structures and hierarchical line of power that commands broad edges of issues affecting people with a belief that given a chance they can provide solutions to those problems. They aim to escalate to power and provide political governance to the people and the issues they touch on are much more general than those of interest groups, which are only about occupational issues. As referenced by Caramani (200), adapted from Huckshorns (1984:10), a political party is a group of independent individuals whose aim is to compete in nominations and run for elections in order to escalate to power and have control of the government. Arguably, political parties aim to escalate to power and capture government offices that give it a mandate for governance.
According to Caramani (268), Social Movements are collections of individuals with a clearly recognized rival and are involved in a battle and share a central ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Question 2 Z Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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