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Theoretical Validity of Alexander Wendts Belief That a World State Is Inevitable - Essay Example

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The world is evolving, and basic structure that constitutes a given state are adjusting and accommodating different ideas. The essay will focus upon factors the inevitable nature of a one state future of the world with respect to common occurrences within societies. …
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Theoretical Validity of Alexander Wendts Belief That a World State Is Inevitable
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Extract of sample "Theoretical Validity of Alexander Wendts Belief That a World State Is Inevitable"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that aA unified state inevitability however has been criticised by different concepts within society. The imaginable nature of the political world without tyranny and war among elite nation is what may prevent a one state concept. The social and economic gap between the core state and peripheral state indicate the longer period in which the world could realise the dream of a unified state. The current political temperatures within state and ever-growing military action prevent the force concept of Wendt in ensuring unity.
This paper makes a conclusion that , the theory of a unified state is attainable in the end. This implies that the world would develop models that will ensure they attain equilibrium and bridge the gap between nations. These include creating a common economic platform where states will achieve basic needs and satisfy needs based on the local demand. The political scene would mean that nations bury their political differences and work on common agendas to ensure they attain certain goals. Those objected to the global idea would be forced by circumstances or dealt with by other states. The world unified state scenario would be achievable only if major differences within states are worked resolved. The concept could otherwise be just, but a dream in that Wendt could only state his argument as a theory rather than a reality. The argument would mean a progressive revolution of the world and its creature to adapt to a similar concept. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theoretical Validity of Alexander Wendts Belief That a World State Is Essay.
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