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Alexander the great - Research Paper Example

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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Insert Date Alexander the Great The study aims at looking at the analysis of Alexandra the Great who was also known as Alexander II of Macedon, born and raised in Macedon at around 356 BC in Greece. It will be important as well to examine his personality, his military conquest and success as the successor of King Philip II who happened not only to be his mentor, but also a father who gave him the best education - studying under one of the greatest teachers at that time, Aristotle…
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Alexander the great
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"Alexander the great"

Download file to see previous pages Alexander built himself a name and features as one of the greatest conquerors of his time. His ascent to the throne simply happened because of his father’s tragic assassination in the old capital of Macedon. Seeing this as an opportunity to expand his territory so that he could stop any rebellion from taking place since his father’s death, he swiftly re-strategized so that he could crush any revolting group within from causing havoc to his throne. He ensured, for instance, that he got rid of his internal enemies by assuring that they never moved anywhere further from prison. This was quite important for him in his conquest since it would give him ample time to wage war against the external enemies like Persia. Although he is believed to be one of the organizers of his father’s death, the truth is not quite known since no evidence proves so. If it may be true that Alexander the Great might have had a hand on the death of King Philip, then it would have been so under mischief and sheer quest for power. Alexander can be said to be a military genius as judged by the kind of calculating move made before hitting at his opponent. It can be said to be one of the reasons why probably he succeeded in commanding a large army that helped him conquer and invade other states at a young age. His 13 years as an emperor were marked by the successive defeats of battles against his opponents. He toured places with an aim of expanding his territory. The first tactic he used was trying as much as possible to learn the weaknesses of his opponent. This is actually what he did to Persia. He first toured Persia, trying to know and understand its military strengths and weaknesses before finally making an attained (Abbott 67). Other than the fact that he was generally gifted in matters of politics, a number of factors made Alexander the Great very successful in his career as a ruler of the great nation, while at the same time he encountered several challenges, for example, the persistent attacks from sections which had been captured initially earlier (like Greece); he was fighting for self rule just immediately after the death of his father, his spontaneous counter attacks made him victorious, driving the enemies away in a bid to scatter them so that they could become weak. This is what made him survive the many terrors of war that was awash in Macedon. His military domination did not just come by chance as most historians would argue; Alexander himself was a planner who had well trained army, equipped with all manner of ammunitions. It therefore was easy for him to fight without retreating. He ensured that he invested well in his army to avoid any form of dissatisfaction. They, therefore, went to war with a spirited motive of winning the battle, disregarding the size and the nature of their enemy and the challenges at hand. He strongly believed that he could capture Europe and the whole of Asia. Another factor that made him successful in battle was the kind of high standards of discipline he set for himself and the entire army. For the entire period of his rule of the whole of Macedon, only once did he face the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alexander the Great
The word ‘great’ did not attribute all the rulers but a few who actually deserved the title. Alexander III (356- 323 B.C.) was the great ruler who deserved the term very well. Alexander has to his credit being tutored by the great philosopher Aristotle. The impact of the teachings of Aristotle came into be effective in his later life as the conqueror
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New Testament, Alexander the Great
Various theological studies indicate that there are approximately 5300 Greek texts of the New Testament from the ancient writings. In total, including Latin, Syriac, Aramaic and Coptic there are approximately 24,633 texts of the antique New Testament to validate the wording of the New Testament scriptures.
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Alexander the Great & His Glorious Battles
World history remembers Alexander as one of the greatest geniuses of warship. Besides his political insight, he was gifted with a rare human trait of fellow-feeling and kindness.? Greatness of Alexander Napoleon Bonaparte remarked, “The personality of the general is indispensable, he is the head, he is the all of an army.
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How Was Alexander The Great as a Leader
Clearly, this achievement would not have been possible had Alexander’s leadership was ordinary. It seemed he was born to lead for he was already king at age 20 and was seen as god before his death at the age of 32 whose influence still reverberates until today.
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Alexander The Great
He had successfully fought several battles under his command and conquered kingdoms and because of this he is regarded the most successful and powerful commander in the ancient history. It is also important to note that Alexander the great was taught by the highly famed and renowned philosopher Aristotle where his teachings are considered to contribute greatly to the success of Alexander the great as the commander and as the king of Macedonia (Tritle 102).
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How the epic poem Iliad influenced Alexander the Great
The paper analyzes Alexander The Great. The Iliad has exerted a tremendous influence on the psychological development of the Greek hero Alexander the Great. It will not be an exaggeration to assert that if Homer did not write the Iliad, the Greek Civilization would not get any Alexander the Great. Alexander dreamed to conquer the world.
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Alexander the Great
The painting has a fair amount of symbolism. The pyramid especially represents the pinnacle of achievement. The world was changing and these artists felt they needed a new mode to express these changes. Each picture is a
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Alexander the great
In the discussion, the study will examine three cultural exchanges. Hellenistic thought refers to conventional and humanistic ethics that can be attributed to ancient Greek culture. It entailed several virtues
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How the epic poem Iliad influenced Alexander the Great
The Iliad has exerted a tremendous influence on the psychological development of the Greek hero Alexander the Great. It will not be an exaggeration to assert that if Homer did not write the Iliad, the
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Was alexander the great really great
Upon his father’s death, Alexander was fully supported by the Macedonian army and so he was able to eliminate his enemies, later on, he became a king. During his
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