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Critical Analysis of Research - Essay Example

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This paper gives a deep and wide analysis of the article; Power and Public Participation in a Hazardous Waste Dispute: A Community Case Study by…
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Critical Analysis of Research
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Extract of sample "Critical Analysis of Research"

Download file to see previous pages This document explores in detail, the purpose of the research, the techniques used in data collection and data analysis, findings of the research, the limitations of the study and finally gives the conclusion of the research. The document starts by giving an introduction to the study. In the introduction, the study provides a definition of power and then explores the various dimensions of power as brought out by different studies in the past. The document then explains how the research was conducted. It includes the qualifications and originality of the original researcher involved in the study and the methods of data collection and analysis. The document then goes ahead to give a detailed account of the findings of the study in relation to the three dimensions of power. The paper finally gives the limitations of the study and finally gives a clear conclusion from the study. Like any other study conducted before, this study has its strengths, weaknesses and assumptions that characterize it. These strengths and weaknesses manifest in the various stages of the study as outlined.
In the introduction, the document gives a clear definition of terms as used in the study to enable any reader to understand the material as intended. It also provides a historical background of the study of the various dimensions of power, outlines the three aspects of power and how they manifest in society in general. It then gives a description of the different modes of public participation to prepare the reader for the case studies that form the backbone of the study (Culley & Hughey 2008: 100).
The study uses a variety of techniques to collect the data required for the study. It is a major strength of the study since it is easy to determine the consistency of the obtained data from the various sources before making a meaningful conclusion. Interview was one of the methods of data collection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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