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Crime Analysis and Investigation - Research Paper Example

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This research paper demonstrates crime analysis and investigation. It outlines the peculiarities of a crime script, the generalized preventive measures, and laws…
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Crime Analysis and Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages When the executives handle large amounts of money, the may be tempted to carry out theft and forgery. Although we must not think that dishonesty has become a general trend, we must be aware of the fact that accountants, marketing and collections executives, Point of Sales (POS) professionals, etc. may attempt to steal money in the case they have a suitable opportunity to do so. The tendency of crime is like an opportunistic bacterium which thrives in favorable circumstances. The management must remain alert and arrange for proper surveillance.
Theft at work is a sort of situational crime which is hard to detect and difficult to explain. Of course, if a white collar or blue collar professional is indulging in criminal activities, she or he is risking her or his own career too.
The resources that an executive harnesses to conduct the theft at work are rather qualitative than quantitative. The executive would further exploit the opportunities and manipulate the system. Her or his main instruments are:
The modus operandi can basically be threefold. It would consist of a motive and identification of aims, planning, and implementation. In a generalized way, although we are prone to look into a criminal’s backgrounds and crime history; an executive who indulges in crime exploits his reputation and socio-economic status.
Mr. X is a marketing executive in the collections process of a mid-sized company. He needs a large amount of money just within two days. Although he has been a coveted performer and a reliable employee, he now plans to steal money from the company’s funds. Mr. X has very good convincing power and interpersonal skills.
Mr. A is an analyst in a stockbroking company. He plans to utilize the company’s resources to generate a fair amount of capital and then start his own business. Next, he utilizes the powers vested in him by the company to sneak into the businesses of its clients. After that, Mr. A indulges in inside treading and obtains critical business information to shape up his own personal investment plans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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