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There are various means by which a society can be initiated to change. These include; demographic factors such as war, natural calamities, environmental changes and diseases. Such factors create an imbalanced ratio of females and males in a given population, directly…
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Discussion Question Week 7
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Society and change There are various means by which a society can be initiated to change. These include; demographic factors suchas war, natural calamities, environmental changes and diseases. Such factors create an imbalanced ratio of females and males in a given population, directly affecting social changes since the ratio of females and males is altered, implying that several females and males will stay unmarried. The second means by which a society may change is through political factors. Since societies are based on customs, regulations and rules, usually prepared by the governing authorities, politics definitely affects any given society (Andersen & Taylor, 2013).
Leaders such as Adolf Hitler of Germany brought about many social changes in his society, so did partitioning of India in 1947.Man ,therefore, being a social being brings about social change to his society. The third means is economic factor. Thus the stratification of individuals in various classes shapes the society’s nature. Education is a key factor here and as people become socially conscious, making money, they positively influence their society and thus affect their lives including living standards, culture, languages and routine life. Fourth means that can change a society is industrialization that encompasses setting up of industrial parks and townships, trade unionism as well as urbanization. Industrialization therefore leads to liberalization, globalization and privatization; factors that all influence the economy of a given society (Andersen & Taylor, 2013).
Factors influencing resistance to change include firstly religion-religious groups may impose their dogma on the entire society, leading to battles since several countries have diverse religions. Second factor is perceptions and beliefs that also act as hindrance to social change, for instance the fundamental rights of minorities such as lesbians and gays, race, color, gender etc ought to never be ignored in support of the majority (Andersen & Taylor, 2013).
Types of authority
2. The 3 types of legitimate authority as defined by Weber include; legal authority which basically is on the basis of a system of regulations that are exercised judicially and administratively according to principles that are known. The individuals administering such regulations are elected or appointed by a legally instituted process. In addition, superiors are under such regulations, hence their powers are limited and have their private lives completely separated from their official duties, which normally entail written documentation (Scott, 1994).
The second type of authority is traditional authority which is on the basis of a system whereby existing authority is legitimate since “it has always been that way”. Individuals in power normally enjoy it since power/authority is hereditary. There are various officials who comprise of personal retainers in the case of patrimonial system or private loyal allies for instance tributary lords or vassals in the case of feudal system .Their prerogatives are normally similar to the ones of their superiors, though reduced in range, and are also on the basis of inheritance (Scott, 1994).
The last and third type of authority is what is known as charismatic authority which simply is on the basis of charisma feature of the leader, who indicates that he holds the power to lead due to his magical powers, heroism, prophecies etc. His subjects honor his right of leadership due to his exceptional qualities (charisma) and not necessarily due to any legal or tradition rules. Thus officials comprise of those who have portrayed personal dedication to the ruling elite as well as those who are charismatic.
It is important to note however that these kinds of authority change with time especially when the subjects are dissatisfied with the ruling regime. For instance when a charismatic leader passes on, his subjects if they are devoid of their predecessors’ charisma will attempt to set up a system on the basis of law or tradition(Scott,1994).
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