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This research will attempt to construct theories to explain when the status quo will amend and tell about a model that depicts the ideology of the members of the house of Congress. The idea of this research also emerged from the author’s interest in what cases gridlock happens…
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When the status quo will amend
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This week’s reading attempt to construct theories to explain when the status quo will amend.
        The article of Cox and McCubbins develops an interest group model in which the lawmaker delegates his voting decision of his party leader. By that the party leader has a plan of setting power. The model has six assumptions: members of assembly seek reelection to the House, the status of a member’s party affects his chance of reelection, a party’s standing depends on its lawmaking achievement, team engagement between legislators overcomes harmonization troubles, lawmaking members delegate to the central power and that the major explanation they do that is to delegate to his agenda acquiring power. The party’s head is the one who brings the agenda acquiring power. Therefore, in that respect is a bias to the majority party.
The readings from the book Pivotal Politics attempt to understand in what cases gridlock happens. Gridlocks are when there will be no policy alteration from the status quo. The script sets off by explaining a bit of dissimilar hypotheses. It explains that gridlock is can be narrowed down if the majority party discusses bills with the minority party and it is even more uncommon if both the legislative and majority party are from the same party. Keith Krehbiel comes up with one directed model which depicts the ideology of the members of the house of congress. It includes the median voter, the filibuster threshold, the president’s ideology and the veto threshold to override the president. He then moves along with a two spatial model with the status quo on the x axis and results along the y axis. It suggests that the status quo cannot change if it is between the filibuster and the veto. The grandness of this Gridlock interval is it attempts to mathematically show when to expect more notes to be given. It is when both the executive and the majority in the legislature from the same party the gridlock interval smaller and the larger the majority the even smaller the gridlock interval, thus in these cases more bills will be passed.

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When the Status Quo Will Amend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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