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Leadership in context 1 - Essay Example

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LEADERSHIP IN CONTEXT Name: Course: Tutor: University: City and state: Date: Leadership in Context Introduction In recent years, change in leadership has been a prominent feature because it implies one of the most significant developments in a large organization, which results to success in development of the enterprises…
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Leadership in context 1
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Download file to see previous pages Many incidents occur in management because of the misconception which arises between leaders in the organization where by they should understand that management is doing things right while leadership is dong the right things. Leadership is very interesting because it does not only have a concern with the management task, but it also explores sociological nature of mankind. Critical Analysis According to Burnes (2009) critical analysis of communication approaches applied in organizational change affects the implementation of organizational in the modern society. This is because the approach involved in change evaluates results to less attention. Change in leadership has always been a characteristic in organizational life though many of the people urge that frequency and magnitude are greater than ever before. Today businesses face an increased challenge of funds in competition in the markets for their inputs. According to Lewis (2011) organization must take in to consideration the driving forces and restraining forces for change whereby the driving forces must exceed the restraining forces. Regardless of the challenges and dynamics, the business environment organization must adopt their ethical behaviors and practices in real life time and external conditions. Basing argument with Conant and Ashby philosophy in implementation theory outlines that the research agenda in organizational changes towards contingency includes observing an organizational change initiative by using a different process of models. Again it focuses on identifying and diagnosing how and when to respond to break down changes in an organization. Therefore, ones model to fit in an organization results to strategic questioning in the research agenda by comparing the advantages of organizational model fitness (Wagner 2012). According to Burnes (2004), change has always been a characteristic of organizational life, although many argue that frequency and magnitude of change is now greater than ever before. The implication of this statement with respect to contemporary understanding of the change process is that, management makes the system of the people and technology flow in a systematic way in day to day life thus making the organization technology to run effectively and efficiently. Basically, according to today’s life, change in leadership is much more in relation to putting more effort in order to change the whole process of management in the organization thus making it move faster and more efficiently (Burnes 2009). Change leadership is more about the people, and their decision making plans according to vision and mission in their project activities. Change in leadership has potential of controlling things in an organization; for example, in today’s world, the talks are always on the side of change in management hence the world does not do much about change in leadership since it is associated with the ways on how to make things move in an orderly manner. It maybe hindered by some the challenges, but the fact is that there is nobody who is perfect in doing the right thing, so it is obviously a big deal in most of the organizations. The goal is often set to minimize the distractions and the impact of change which concerns’ with the driving forces and visions in the organization. Models of Planned Change The models have been highly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership in Context 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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