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Existence of Many Cultures and Challenges of Embracing Cultural Diversity - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that it is important for nations to strive to establish a common culture for a common good. Nations should foster a lot of tolerance in the spirit of cultural homogenization. The globalization call for the mutual understanding of cultural values embraced by different nations. …
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Existence of Many Cultures and Challenges of Embracing Cultural Diversity
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Extract of sample "Existence of Many Cultures and Challenges of Embracing Cultural Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages Many nations are increasingly becoming interconnected through technologies and trade. In effect, various nations embrace unprecedented cooperation. Economically poor countries benefit hugely from trading activities with powerful nations. Arguably, the unity among nations requires a mutual understanding in which a common culture promises to achieve the endeavor. Although many challenges can hamper the realization of a common global culture, nations should look beyond the barriers and strive to practice similar customs for the common good. Individual nations require embracing a common culture for mutual understanding.
Many cultures exist across the globe. Individual nations have a tendency to practice unique customs. The complexity of the cultures can be a huge barrier to the quest to realize a common culture. Some cultures with strong ideologies are associated with global conflicts. In fact, the link of certain cultures with wars has been a major concern by powerful nations such as the United States (Dittmer 78). In this respect, a number of complex relations influence the comprehension of contemporary culture. The media, interculturalism, and globalization have endeavored to promote mutual cultural understanding. In this regard, the media has continued to portray the values embraced by different cultures. Similarly, globalization has attempted to bring nations with varying cultures together with the intent of shaping the economic and political agendas. However, the efforts to enhance cultural awareness face tremendous challenges. Communication barriers hamper the comprehension and incorporation of cultures of different nations.
Communication barrier is a major drawback to the realization of a common culture. Different cultures have their way of communicating and interpreting the messages. Notably, the organizations that operate overseas face the challenge of miscommunication. Consequently, the miscommunication tends to jeopardize cohesion, trust, and teams that outsource.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Existence of Many Cultures and Challenges of Embracing Cultural Research Paper.
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