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Diversity in Racial, ethnic and cultural history - Essay Example

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So diversity is about colors and races of individuals that composed American identity. Even when integrated, these immigrants retain their cultures that make them distinct…
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Diversity in Racial, ethnic and cultural history
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Extract of sample "Diversity in Racial, ethnic and cultural history"

Download file to see previous pages There is a growing need for the government agencies and leaders, businessman, educators, and the society in general, to look at these racial differences that are not thought of in the past. Because of globalization, we come to accept this diversity, and for economic reasons, we realize the interdependence of each others lives. The growing economic system that is due to globalization .and advanced technology has accelerated the need to understand cultural differences and accept it as a way of life.
I am a Caucasian by race with a French background. Being a Caucasian, I am proud of my ethnicity. The whiteness of the skin or being fair skinned as a passport to the American culture, is something new to me. Caucusus, the land where we lived, is blessed by nature, and for a long time, supplied the Russians with oil. Because of this relation, Caucasians developed a racial communist background, but we now belong to the ex-communists world. It is only now that I learned that the cohesiveness of my people is an influence of the Soviet system, and with the collapse of the system, people became closer because they feared of the uncertainty of their future, and “they have fallen back to ethnic solidarity to counter feelings of insecurity”(Henze, Paul, n.d.) Caucasus, is home to forty ethnic groups for many years, so its culture and ethnicity is a mixture of all these. Dr. Takvul, Ufuk, who made a sociological analysis of the Caucasia culture, said this race is characterized by ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is a tendency to view groups or cultures different from its own perspectives. It is an attitude that tends to believe of its own superiority.
But having a French background makes my identity more colorful. Like the U.S., the immigration laws of the French country are tainted with racial prejudices. The existence of several laws makes the lives of minority groups difficult because of xenophobic attitude. Xenophobia is the extreme hatred for foreigners, and based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diversity in Racial, Ethnic and Cultural History Essay.
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