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Abandoning or Keeping - Essay Example

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People tend to migrate from their country to other regions to acquire residency or possible citizenship in the other countries. Immigrants tend to leave their…
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Abandoning or Keeping
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Extract of sample "Abandoning or Keeping"

Download file to see previous pages Upon reaching the new destinations, immigrants experience many problems such as the new culture adaption and keeping up with different local customs. The imminent question from the experiences then is reason behind abandoning own native culture and people and facing challenges in new environments. The realization of blood is thicker than water becomes evident from the experience of immigrants in new regions.
According to Gary Shteyngart’s memoir; “Little Failure” and a movie named “Everything Is Illuminated”, immigration is not only a population movement and change. On a more important note, there are implications based on the political, cultural and economical aspects of a population migration. An appreciative perspective is on the cultural angles where multicultural consequences results from migrations. From the Shteyngart’ memoir; “Little Failure”, Shteyngart articulates his story and experiences through a sickly Soviet childhood, middle-school bullying, and own insecurities prior to his success. Shteynagart’s background was that of a typical Russian-Jewish immigrant based family. Shteyngart tried to join the American life but his parents were Russian traditionalists. This reciprocated to Shteyngart experiencing many problems while he lived in America as an immigrant. After he graduated from the university, he tried working as a paralegal for a civil rights law firm but was unsuccessful. However, it was his parent’s dream to achieve the American dream. His parents pushed him towards attaining the American Dream in multiple occasions.
Shteyngart tried establishing himself within a new environment in order to get rid of the immigrant geared mentality (Shteyngart 4). Shteyngart embraced the an old proverb that postulates that ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do”. He recalls reminding himself and internalizing inwardly “Where am I? I am in Manhattan, the chielborought of New York City, the biggest city in America. Where am I not? I am ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Abandoning or Keeping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Abandoning or Keeping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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