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People who abandon children do not have any intention of reasserting or resuming the relationship they had with the child. A number of factors including mental…
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Child Abandonment kill(affect) children
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, political conditions may contribute towards abandonment as evident in the Romanian revolution (Nelson, Fox and Zeanah 64). Child abandonment may also be associated with the lack of institutions such as orphanages, which take care of children in case their parents or guardians fail to support them. Child abandonment is a very serious problem, which affects the long-term development of a child. Parents should be careful before abandoning their children because it can cause long-term psychological impact, raise trust issues and expose the child to physical and mental health problems.
According to Karen Maier, children who are abandoned harbor long-standing senses of shame and loss. These children may either idealize or reject the absent parent. Karen (2013) stated, “children who completely reject their absent parents strive to be the exact opposite of the parent who abandoned them” (Maier 2). Conversely, children who idealize the parent who abandoned them have a tendency of developing fantasies about them in order to provide temporary comfort.
Long-term psychological impact of child abandonment include issues such as problems maintaining long-term relationships, depression, eating disorders, social disabilities, cognitive or learning disabilities and low self-esteem. Children who have been abandoned experience disorganized or insecure attachment with other people. As a result, they have problems interacting with others or maintaining long-term relationships (Clothier 1). Patterns of child-parent or caregiver attachments are important during growth. These patterns determine the social and emotional development of the child. Children who have been abandoned have insecure attachment with others because their primary source of protection or safety, in this case the parent, abandoned them. These children consider their parents as a source of harm, which leaves the child in an irresolvable state of conflict. Abandoned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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