Maryland Commuters Lived Experiences on Bicycle Commuting After Barriers Removed and Strategies Employed - Essay Example

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In this context, vehicular congestion, environmental pollutants, oil dependency, and physical inactivity are the most important ones. On the contrary, bicycle commuting has the most…
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Maryland Commuters Lived Experiences on Bicycle Commuting After Barriers Removed and Strategies Employed
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Extract of sample "Maryland Commuters Lived Experiences on Bicycle Commuting After Barriers Removed and Strategies Employed"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, the purpose of this case study is to explore the causes why these barriers and strategies to overcome them did not actually work. Therefore, the research problem is embedded in the conceptual framework of the factors and barriers that affect commuters from choosing the bicycle as an alternative mode of transport to commute to work. For this reason, the data is collected from 12 respondents through in-depth, semi-structured interviews. As a result, this research study contributes to positive social change by increasing the awareness of government leaders, city and regional planners, and the private sector on bicycling problem. In particular, they can recognize several effective strategies that will make bicycle commuting a preferred alternative mode of transportation to commute to work. Thus, the study brings to light the new policy that can be effective in combating the problem of vehicular congestion, environmental pollution, oil dependency, and sedentary lifestyle linked to obesity.
Chen and Tang (2012) argued that automobile dependence is a global problem specifically affecting the lives of commuters living in big cities. In the United States, there is also a dependence on the repeated use of automobiles (Dulal, Brodnig, & Onoriose, 2011; Litman, 2009). In this context, Hamilton and Atkins (2008) argued that the number of automobiles joining the highways road construction has become incompatible; thus, the problem of vehicular congestion appears. Santos, Behrendt, Maconi, Shirvani, and Teytelboym (2010) wrote that the dependence on the automobile contributres negative consequences for society. In defence, Abrahamse, Steg, Gifford, and Vlek (2009) suggested that the automobile serves many purposes for travel; however, they agree that automobile is a contributing factor to vehicular congestion and environmental pollution.
In addition, Kent (2013) suggested that automobile dependency is connected to the poor health issues. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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